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Who We Are
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Who we are

Founded by the star Emcee - Ken X² Mai, we are a group of passionate Emcees and DJs, aiming to host, serve, plan and execute event functions of all types, from weddings to corporate gatherings to trade shows, spanning all of West Coast with a primary focus on: 

The greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Our Mission

“eXpect eXcellence” is our motto, as we strive to provide you with the smoothest experience for your events. With thousands of event hosting experience under our belt, we impart the know-hows to ensure that your event is captivating, exciting, memorable, all the while maintain the zero-headache threshold.

Our clients should eXpect nothing less than eXcellence from us, just as we are dedicated to uphold the utmost highest standard of eXcellence for our clients.

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Image by Elena Joland


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